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Powder Products


Red Truck Powder: Powdered, phosphate-free vehicle wash. Heavy-duty concentrate, formulated with detergents, emulsifiers, wetting agents, and water softeners. Clean and rinse formula. RTP is a great cleaner without a long soaking time period.


Ready Use 4 oz. Powder : Gallon of Water
Light Power Washing 1 Part Cleaner : 25 Parts Water


Oxygreen Concrete Cleaner: Rust stain remover for houses, roofs and concrete. Concrete cleaner penetrates and breaks down oil and grease deposits on concrete and other masonry surfaces. Embedded oils and dirt float to the surface to be easily rinsed away.


Oil Water Separator: Cleaner and degreaser that promotes the release of oil and grease from effluent waters, allowing for compatibility in oil/water separation systems, without chemical additives or pH adjustments. Use to clean and degrease molds, dies, unpainted concrete floors and industrial equipment.